You & Me, Denver, CO | 2014

You & Me was a Multidisciplinary Dance and Video Performance at Tara Reyder’s House April 25th, 26th and May 2nd, 3rd from 6:30pm -10:30 pm with live music, dinner, art, performance, dance and an evening of intimacy. Artists were invited to create a one-on-one experience with e the audience members each for 5 minutes.

Sabin performed AELLworks each day of the performance dates with 24 people within a set up environment outside of Tara’s house. With Norman Broomhall she created a soundscape-piece which accompnanied every session. The sound-piece included birdsongs recorded at a trip to the Redwoods in Oregon and California and the sound of geysers in the Yellowstone National Park of former travels as well.

Photos by Heather Gray Photography © 2014