9/2019 Marc Billard, CO/USA

I had a strange malaise a few years ago where I was totally out of energy, totally lethargic for 3 weeks. Seem to start as a food borne illness, very strange, no pain. Sabin heard about it, called me, and proposed we could we set up a time for a Distant Healing Session over the phone. She called the next day in the afternoon, and I put the phone down on the bed, and she sent me energy for maybe half an hour to 45 minutes, and within an hour after, I had awakened from my lethargy and became whole again. It was a remarkable experience, picking up on her transmitted energy, and apparently me being receptive enough. Powerful healing experience. Thank you so much.

1/2021 Randy R., CO/USA

My physical life has been a very active and a lot of the time very hard on my body. There are times when these old injuries are re-injured and would stay very painful for days on end or for months if not attended to. Having a healer in my life has been one of the most beneficial parts of living my life happy and pain free! It took me a while to realize that a lot of what we feel from pain is in our head and how our energy is flowing. I always thought that physical pain had to be treated with physical healing IE Massage, chiropractor, etc. Well here’s the story that changed all this and that has kept me in a better state of mind while walking this planet.

I was on a ladder and had to lift a large and heavy box off of a top shelf and over my head. When I did this the box became off balance and bent me backwards, I immediately felt a pain in my lower back that the last time I had felt this pain I had been practically paralyzed for two weeks! I knew that Sabin was near so I yelled frantically for her to come and when she got to me, I demanded that she use deep point massage on my lower back. She refused to listen to me and instead went into super healer mood positioning her wonderful hands a couple of inches from my back. Within a minute the pain was completely and I will emphasize Completely gone! At first when she wouldn’t massage me I was So So mad and thinking that I wish someone else had been there instead of her.

Now 15 years later looking at how that moment changed my entire life and what I believed, I feel extremely fortunate that she’s my personal healer! Sabin has been working her craft of healing and understanding how the universal energy of life works since she was very young and she is by all means in the expert realm of this art form.

12/2018 Lucy Duchesne, CO/USA

My Qigong healer, Sabin Aell, first treated me for anxiety. My experience as Sabin’s client gave me a new sense of “calm”. During the treatment itself I felt as if there was a sensation of energy moving through different parts of my body. It was a massage in ways, but she used a light touch over my entire body that was more like an energy massage.

Under her concentrated touch, I could feel movement and a feeling of lightness, that felt like she was reading my circulation or energy pathways. That ultimately gave me a sense of wellbeing that I had not experienced before the treatment. Other Qigong sessions by Sabin helped my mood improve. I felt continuously self accepting and more able to enjoy my life. I feel fortunate to have such an sensitive and empathic healer, in Sabin Aell.

02/2018 Cathy B., CA/USA

Sabin has a real gift. I have experienced distance healing sessions from her and have been thrilled with the results. My hot flashes have subsided and I am sleeping so much better at night! Sabin is incredibly intuitive, she is reliable and well prepared for her sessions. I am so grateful for you Sabin!

11/2017 Ciera Nieto, CO/USA

I recently visited Sabin for her Energy Work & Qigong Healing. I was going through a lot of emotional and psychical stress at the time but the worst pain or stress was in my ribs. A growing pain for about 6 months that was so bad I visited urgent care, and was about to make an appointment with a chiropractor but decided to see Sabin first. I personally did not believe that the energy work was doing much after my first appointment but within days of my second energy healing the pain in my ribs went away completely. I’ve told this story to countless people because I am just kind blown by the results here.

10/2017 Anya David, CO/USA

Magic is alive and it flows with Sabin! Oh My Gooood Holy High Bliss. Attuned, astute, aligned. Felt so taken care of. Sabin's confidence, supreme touch, elegant fierceness! I really enjoyed the watery, shaky, earthy - deeply stirring moving yet also grounding. Abdominal work was epic! Go on, sister! Your healing touch, presence & lovelight is a gift! Thank you!

04/16 Barry Raphael, CO/USA

I was fortunate to experience Sabin's energy work at Launchpad Missionon 2 – Land Exhibition, Boulder, CO. It was a beautiful setting in nature, and I felt very relaxed and energized afterwards. It was a gentle and uplifting experience, and one I highly recommend!

03/2015 Ben Pfeffer, CO/USA

I have been working with Sabin for the past year. Our work together has given me confidence in managing my pain and helped me to restructure how I think about my body in a positive way. Sabin is very talented in helping others to adjust and heal physical and emotional injuries that once seemed insurmountable!

02/2015 Silvana Vukadin-Hoitt, CO/USA

I have watched Sabin do her special healing work for a number of years and have experienced the benefits of the one-on-one sessions with her myself. I recommend her and believe she is an effective, even trans formative energy worker.

12/2014 Birgit Gehrer, Linz/Austria

Last time Sabin visited Austria, I asked her, if she could help with the pain in my ankle, that I had since I tripped a year ago. She worked several sessions with me. Since then the pain is almost gone. Sabin´s work is very silent and relaxing. Sabin is a very positive thinking person, that helps additionally to feel better. Thank you Sabin!!!

08/2014 Debbie Sutter, NV/USA

Last summer, while bicycling on the playa at Burning Man, I hit a very soft patch of dust, falling off my bike. Unfortunately, I re-injured my lower back. I asked Sabin if she could do some energy work to see if it might help me. Sabin's energy, in general is so calm and lovely. I was relieved and thrilled that after our AELLworks session, the pain was greatly receded. Thank you, thank you, Sabin! I am so grateful.

05/2012 Tatiana M., NY/USA

Sabin is a miracle worker. Her hands and energy are full of such warmth, strength, and love that she heals everyone she touches. My personal story is one that starts with me feeling dizzy from an inner ear condition. I was having vertigo, and then extreme anxiety, and imbalance in my life. Once a week Sabin treated me with massage, crystals, tibetan brass bowls, and even counseling through that period. Her positive affirmations, and calming energy helped sooth my anxious feelings and helped me heal. Her massage and techniques she intuitively matched with my personal struggles and body type.

No individual is the same and Sabin focuses on your unique needs. She listens intently to your body and soul and helps guide you to the path of healing and embracing your body and mind through individualized therapy. She is a woman wise beyond time, a beautiful light that gives her all to those who need her.