SAN, Denver, CO, 2013

Three artists came together to offer you a unique opportunity to enjoy the gifts of mesmerizing music, energy-connection and intuitive readings through personal insights.

Sabin Aell 
works with the energy field surrounding your body. Through connecting and redirecting your energy streams, Sabin recomposes and aligns the energy with your real self. Her work focuses on inner strength which stabilizes your main energy flow, extends your power and brings it back into full awareness. Sabin’s techniques include gentle touch, crystals, stones, metal and sound.

Silvana Vukadin-Hoitt 
is an interpreter and life style designer influenced by the rich multi-cultural heritage of her European upbringing. Ritual, including the art of Tasseology with Turkish coffee is availed in order to give life to symbols and stories woven in a unique path through each persons’ cup.

Matthew Hunzeker’s 
music and performance work is created with a set intention of evocation of a healing effect upon the audience and self using droning tones, vocal chants, and ambient soundscapes. The healing and consciousness changing effects are created by means of metaphysics and science and using particular pitches and instruments tuned to affect different parts of the spiritual and physical body. All of the instruments used are handmade by Matthew Hunzeker and run through multiple self programmed effects and loops creating a captivating and ambient performance with music which could be described as ‘walls of sound’.

Photos by Alexandra Shermet and Sabin Aell © 2013