2/2021 Cassandra Love Lambert, CA/USA

Sabin is a very strong and gentle soul and energy - she was able to hold space for me revisiting a scene from my past I had visited multiple times with other practitioners from the first time I was sexually abused - and through her guidance I was able to finally release the intensity around this memory and it’s been extremely freeing for me in multiple areas of my life - she is definitely a safe space and person to go to to help heal the past that keeps you stuck - thank you Sabin!

1/2021 Fred Reim, CO/USA

I have PTSD due to my military service although back then after a serious parachuting accident, it was called a concussion and my rating of PTSD through the VA stands at 0%. Through the VA I had the first experience with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) but due to the restrictions set by the VA, my success under the program was considered completed and stopped. I did find a local civilian to work with me on EMDR but that individual relocated away from the area. I did EMDR for 4 years and it helped. While looking for another practitioner I found out that my friend Sabin Aell was learning to do the EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and I was able and very willing to be one of her test/learning subjects. I have regained and improved on the level of PTSD that was lost during the absence doing EMDR but I have also been able to reach areas in working on my PTSD which EMDR did not reach. The EFT activates more of the nervous system and has assisted greatly in finding hidden pockets of resistance to change (I have a few).

Sabin has helped not only in allowing me to understand the range of my PTSD but also to work through and accept that I do not need to be dictated to or limit my life due to the PTSD. Both EMDR and EFT are tools to re-route how PTSD affects a mind but I have found that EFT gets deeper, especially when guided by a well trained and knowledgeable practitioner such as Sabin Aell.

9/2020 Annett D., Calgary/Canada

Sabin is a gentle, non-judgemental, supportive, person. She is very good at what she does and she made me feel very comfortable with all my human shortcomings. During our EFT sessions I felt understood, cared for, and supported. No matter where I was, she just calmly supported me.

10/2020 Kandi E., Calgary/Canada

Working with Sabin is very effective and enjoyable. She has wonderful rapport, and makes me feel that I am in safe hands. Using Emotional Freedom Techniques she has reduced and cleared some of my long standing issues with skill, listening and using my own words at a comfortable speed and questioning closely to find the route of the issues. Thank you Sabin!

1/2021 Birgit G., Linz/Austria

EFT is a fantastic method to break deep rooted emotional blocks to gain strong physical and mental health. Sabin supported me professionally on my path in a very empathic and sensitive way. With her help I was able to release numerous of triggers permanently and my wellbeing significantly increased. Thx Sabin!

12/2020 Julie L., CO/USA

I can’t recommend Sabin enough. If you have ever done EFT (Tapping) before you know how effective it can be. She takes it to a whole new level. I had experiences in my youth that held be back. Whenever I would think of them I was right there, with all the emotions attached to it. Going through the process with Sabin she was so thorough when I think of the event I can see it from a distance and all the aspects involved without the emotion. I describe it as taking yourself out of the movie and just watching it with an unbiased view, therefore freeing myself from the energy holding me back from the things I desire in life.