Qigong Healing for Pets

What is good for you also works for your pets. I provide Qigong Healing for your cats and dogs. Usually a session is between 15 – 20 min. Pets can respond very favorably to energy work. They are less attached to mental blockages and defense mechanisms that can disrupt the flow of Qi.

Contact me if you like to arrange a session with your pet.


Last week I didn't feel good. I was wheezing all afternoon and could barely breathe. My mom was concerned that I would have something serious. She asked Sabin to see if she could help. She came and I separated myself from the other chickens and was wheezing like a train. Sabin was gently waving her hand over my head while I was sitting on my roost. I started to feel lighter and just after 3 minutes I noticed that I was not wheezing anymore - what a relief! Qigong helped me quickly and could help your best friend, too! cluck, cluck, cluck....


Hello I am Mo. Many of you know me. I am the cool kid from the Foothills. The only thing I am not cool about is going to the vet. I totally rebell going to the vet - Yes, totally!!

I do anything and everything to not to go there. And lucky me I didn’t have to go last week - thanks to my Mom. I had an eye infection first on the left eye, then the right eye joined the fun. Yellow pus would run out of the corners of my eyes and they burned.

My mom made me lay down and she moved the energy around my head and pulled stuff out my eyes - it felt good. My left eye immediately got better. The other one needed two more sessions before the burning and gooey stuff stopped popping out of my eyes.

Man — SO HAPPY I did not have to go to the vet!! Wuff Wuff, yeahhhhhh