Launchpad Mission 2 – Land Exhibition, Boulder, CO 2013

KOKKI-DO, 2013
at The Wittemyer Ranch, JUNE 22, 2-7pm, one day only

30 artists were invited by Petra Sertic and Alvin R. Greforio to participate.
Sabin Aell was collaborating with Norman Broomhall who designed the sound for this elaborate installation.
Aell performed energy work (Aellworks) with around 45 people of the audience during 4 hours that afternoon.

The installation was created out of rubber tubes, edged with phosphorescent tape; paper-drawings dipped into wax and sewn together with phosphorescent string; tire wire, 2 rubber chairs and blue chalk, chairs constructed out of inner tubing (not done by the artist) and pre-recorded and natural sound.

Photos by Norman Broomhall and Sabin Aell © 2013