Tapping Circle

Tapping into Wealth & Abundance

In this Tapping Group we focus on finding out what it is, that is in the way of living and enjoying our own individual abundance. We will explore our own standards to the topic of wealth & abundance. This could mean something different for each of us. For some person wealth could mean having a fun partner to share live with, or radiant health for the other. For some it is running a thriving business or simply to be happy. Join us in this circle and tap away your blocks.

This Tapping Circle is guided by Sabin Aell.

Meetings are held via Zoom.

Join Weely Tapping Circle, $ 20.-/week


Borrowed Benefits every time!

Access the power of group Borrowed Benefits even when it’s someone else’s turn. Before we start to tap tune into your own issues and focus your intention on your own healing and releasing the blocks in your path. Let it go and be fully present for the person we tap with and notice the difference afterwards.

Be part of a community with shared experiences!

Benefit from each others stories and releases. Most of us are already familiar with EFT and we mutually understand how energy works and travels through time and space.

Serious value

Sabin’ & Annett’s normal hourly session rate is $145. You get our knowledge of us both with years in the field of energy work and health related business. Compare that to what you pay for this Tapping Circle where we have a whole group of people tapping for an hour! Very powerful and affordable.