EFT Coaching for Pets

As a lover of animals I offer EFT for your pets. Through surrogate tapping you will find the words, get out of your own way, and tune into the experience of the animal. Through our tapping sessions common themes emerge such as: early separation from the litter; fear of being returned to a rescue; confusion about what is required of them or performance stress if they are a sport dog, being parted from an owner or sale of an animal friend.

Whatever other condition your pet has – a growth, allergy, arthritis, diabetes – you can effectively correct this for them just by using EFT. This works for any pet. I for example use it right away when they get insured or sick. It is humbling how quickly an animal can come to neutralizing their issues.

How it works:

We are actually not tapping on the pet itself but on the owner’s tapping points. It is also called Surrogate Tapping. First we will address issues the owner has with the problem and then switch to talk about the pet’s issue transitioning and talk from the animal’s perspective. Whatever comes to mind is valid and will be tapped on.

Let’s chat! Anything you want to ask and learn how we can potentially working together. I offer meetings online via Zoom (optional by FaceTime or by phone).

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Success Stories

MAKK – Car Stress

Rescue; was returned to shelter twice; found his forever home when he was 1 year

When I adopted Makk he was 1 year old and had extreme stress in the car. He started to drool excessively soaking blankets and seat, as soon as he sat in the car. He starred in one direction and puked occasionally .

I started to put him in the car as often as possibly and had him sit 1/2h in the car before we even left. I surrogate tapped with him while in the car on his emotional and bodily stress he experienced. Additionally I did a Qigong healing session every other day. I saw improvements daily. He drooled less and lesser and started to lay down during the ride. After two weeks his car stress was gone and he started to enjoy the ride. From his foster parents I know that he dealt with this since he was a puppy. This might have been an additional reason why he was returned twice to the shelter.

A wonderful example on how fast animals are willing to give up their resistance and how quickly EFT can work.

YOSHI – Performance Stress

Rescue; grew up as a prison dog for his first 7 month of his life; then spent 6 month at a shelter to become possibly a service dog, found his forever home when he was 1 year and 2 month old

Yoshi is a born athlete he loves everything sport. One of many things he does is agility. At some point he started to slow down during the courses and was not motivated. During the tapping session it came out that the prisoner who trained him in jail would feel bad and thought that he failed when Yoshi did not excel. That was too much pressure for him as a puppy. Another feeling that surfaced was that he felt that he was the rant of the litter and that that was the reason why he was given away. He was afraid if he is not good enough that he will be given away again. Running slow for him was a way to rebel against those feelings.

After Tapping he started to run with ambition again and I learned to give him space and trust him to succeed on his own term.

FLOWER – walking on top of the owner during the night and wanting food & attention

Rescue; Flower was adopted from the Alley when she was 8 month old, she is 16 years now

During the last month Flower got into the habit of waking her owner up in the morning at 3pm wanting food. It turned out that she feels lonely after her two cat friends passed this year. She thought that she could make that up with food when she didn’t feel emotionally well. After several rounds of tapping she realized that she had a choice and she could feel comfortable even without compensating with food. She understood that it didn’t help her anyway and that too much food made her throw up. The “early mornings wake up calls” stopped and Flower went back to her normal hours of waking her owner up.

Enzo – wanting food too early in the morning

Rescue; Enzo was adopted when he was already a couple years old into a family with one more cat who had a son, Liam, Enzo loved.

Since a while Enzo was waking his owner Bob up around 5am in the morning and wanting food. It turned out that Enzo had still some anxiety when he was given away from his former owner because the got a dog. When his current family’s son, Liam, moved away for college, it reminded him of his former experience in life. After several sessions we where able to identify all the aspects and Enzo found peace and Bob more sleep.