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12/2018 Lucy Duchesne

My Qigong healer, Sabin Aell, first treated me for anxiety. My experience as Sabin’s client gave me a new sense of “calm”. During the treatment itself I felt as if there was a sensation of energy moving through different parts of my body. It was a massage in ways, but she used a light touch over my entire body that was more like an energy massage.

Under her concentrated touch, I could feel movement and a feeling of lightness, that felt like she was reading my circulation or energy pathways. That ultimately gave me a sense of wellbeing that I had not experienced before the treatment. Other Qigong sessions by Sabin helped my mood improve. I felt continuously self accepting and more able to enjoy my life. I feel fortunate to have such an sensitive and empathic healer, in Sabin Aell.

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