Escaped Dog finds his way back with the help of Tapping

MAKK – The lost Dog

When visiting Costa Rica with my husband, we put our dogs up with a family they had stayed before. First email I read on vaccation was from our pet sitters, informing me that they accidentally left the gate open and that Makk, one of my dogs had escaped. It was 11pm in the evening. Of course I was freaked out. I knew that I had to chill down in order to be of any help. I started tapping on my stress and my bodily feelings of the shock that just happened. Then I surrogate tapped with my husband: why he escaped, how he was feeling and what his state of mind was. It quickly surfaced that he thought that this was a game and he love to play. But his sitters clearly didn’t understand the game so he got confused and he was not sure what to do. We sent him the picture of him coming back walking into the house finding comfort, food and his brother Yoshi.

The idea to call my mentor and ask her to surrogate tap with me followed. She got my email and was available for an hour. We both sensed that Makk got the impression that he was a bad boy and had done something wrong as the sitters were so freaked out. He tried to get back but was hesitant. We mad the sitters house a very attractive visual for Makk. Full of my love and the fun were are going to have when we meet there again after a couple of night sleeps. We sent him pictures of love, joy and playing time and made it clear that he had to come back to this house in order to get back to me. We created this center of love and attraction in the sitters house for him. Naomi my mentor and I sensed that it was the freaked out energy of the sitters which keep him from returning. She suggested to call and ask them to chill out and leave the door open for him. They sent my a text that they went to bed as it was already after midnight. Naomi thought that was actually good thing for the energy to calm down and give Makk a chance to come back.

She said that she repeatedly was getting the visual that he would return at 2AM. I continued to tap on my own feelings and Makk’s impressions until 2am my time to reinforce the 2AM image. Then I went to bed and felt very good about the whole event. At 6AM in the morning I got a text from my sitter saying that they caught Makk jumping over their 6ft fence exactly at 2AM in the morning!! This was thrilling to get confirmation on how amazingly tapping and the alignment with the universe works.

The lost Dog

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