Got My Certification

I got my certification this week and I am now a EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner. So exciting! I love this work because it is a client centered healing modality which makes it very powerful. During the last decades it gained widespread professional acceptance and is an “evidence-based” practice.
For those who have not heard about it in its most basic form, it involves tapping eight key points that link to the main meridians in our energy system, while focusing on the problem to be solved. Clinical EFT is used to relieve stress and anxiety, and “neutralise” unpleasant or traumatic memories, amongst many other things. It is an extraordinarily effective, quick, and gentle therapy.
It helped myself to release energy blockages that went back to my baby years that I was dragging along for centuries. Over time this work will unveil the innate potential in you and chisel away stressors and fears.

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