The Art of Energy Alignment

You always wanted to understand your animal friends and pets better and help them to move through pain, stress and behavioral issues — EFT Surrogate Tapping will help you to accomplish that. If you or your pet have accumulated permanent pain lets find out how EFT and/or Qi Gong healing can help you.


  • You have a canine athlete struggling with stress in the ring or a cat that is very needy and waking you up at night?
  • Your best furry friend is sick and the vet could not help
  • You are an athlete yourself and feel overwhelmed with performance stress and can’t give your best
  • You have this pain for months and nothing seems to help?

    I work with performance stress for human and animal athletes, behavioral issues with your pets and chronic pain that make your life difficult. Find out if you and me could be a possible match in your 1st free 15 min discovery session.

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    As a Certified Qigong Healer trained by Robert Peng I offer also Qigong Healing Sessions in person or as Distant Healing Sessions. Well flowing and aligned Qi provides inner peace, contentment, whole body awareness, integration and ownership of personal power and well being. Well aligned Qi fits like a glove. Book a tailored energy alignment sessions to activate our innate self healing system.