The Art of Energy Alignment

You have big dreams, and want to live your life to the fullest potential — tap with me to clear blocks, stress and uncover your strengths. I will coach you to find personal joy and a life you love.


As an EFT Universe Certified Coach I specialize in issues concerning procrastination, insomnia, anxiety and  believes that hold you back. I work with performance stress for human and animal athletes. I also work with people involved in the creative field to detangle creative blocks. Sometimes you are not certain what it is that is stopping you from reaching your happiness. Together we will identify the core issues.


As a Certified Qigong Healer trained by Robert Peng I offer also Qigong Healing Sessions in person or as Distant Healing Sessions. Well flowing and aligned Qi provides inner peace, contentment, whole body awareness, integration and ownership of personal power and well being. Well aligned Qi fits like a glove. Book a tailored energy alignment sessions to activate our innate self healing system.

Join my monthly Tapping Circle in a private setting: “Tapping Circle” from 7-8pm MT.

Join monthly Tapping Circle, $ 20.-/week