The Art of Energy Alignment

I help individuals to enhance their vitality, address and prevent illness in addition to emitting Qi for healing, so they can enjoy their lives in a vibrant body.

I offer Intuitive Energy work since almost 10 years enhancing individuals on their journey to health, and helping them understand their own unique potential. I am a certified Qigong Healer trained by Robert PengI am feeling deeply fortunate for the opportunity on continuous studies with a sublime master. It offered me genuine insights.

Qigong is the art of energy cultivation. Qi (Bioenergy) is intelligent cooperative energy — life source. Well flowing and aligned Qi provides inner peace, contentment, whole body awareness, integration and ownership of personal power and well being. Well aligned Qi fits you like a gorgeous designed piece of clothing – it fits you like a glove. Harmonizing, harnessing Qi and the practice of Qigong daily is part of my work.

Through my lifelong adventures and diverse playfully practices within a range of energy modalities I am able to offer you tailored energy alignment sessions for self healing. I will teach you simple exercises you can take home with you deepening the effect and your preception.

‘Touch’ is a natural healing instinct. Qigong Healing refines that instinct into an art.
-Robert Peng