Distant Healing

Distant or remote healing have been practiced in the Far East for centuries. It is commonly used not only in Qigong but to many systems of traditional healing. It does not really matter where the healer and patient are located, since Qi is universal and omnipresent, and governed by the healer’s intent.

Through a picture or knowing you personally. A time is arranged between the practitioner and the receiver. During the session it is preferable if a patient stays calm and relaxed, laying down. Usually, there are common sensations of Qi felt during the treatment. They may include feeling of heat, tingling or otherwise lightness or elation. All of these are temporary and will go away when the Qi flow is restored through the blocked channels in the area.

Some relief is often felt straight after the first session. It is beneficial to commit to three sessions in a row to see how it works for you. Sessions repeated typically once a week if necessary.

Contact me if you like to arrange a distant healing for you or a friend. We will then arrange a suitable time for you.