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05/2012 Tatiana M.

Sabin is a miracle worker. Her hands and energy are full of such warmth, strength, and love that she heals everyone she touches. My personal story is one that starts with me feeling dizzy from an inner ear condition. I was having vertigo, and then extreme anxiety, and imbalance in my life. Once a week Sabin treated me with massage, crystals, tibetan brass bowls, and even counseling through that period. Her positive affirmations, and calming energy helped sooth my anxious feelings and helped me heal. Her massage and techniques she intuitively matched with my personal struggles and body type.

No individual is the same and Sabin focuses on your unique needs. She listens intently to your body and soul and helps guide you to the path of healing and embracing your body and mind through individualized therapy. She is a woman wise beyond time, a beautiful light that gives her all to those who need her.

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08/2014 Debbie Sutter

Last summer, while bicycling on the playa at Burning Man, I hit a very soft patch of dust, falling off my bike. Unfortunately, I re-injured my lower back. I asked Sabin if she could do some energy work to see if it might help me. Sabin’s energy, in general is so calm and lovely. I was relieved and thrilled that after our AELLworks session, the pain was greatly receded. Thank you, thank you, Sabin! I am so grateful.

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